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We are so excited to welcome a new artist to Apache Rose, Katie Wyatt.

Katie enjoys creating paintings that people can connect to. She paints impressionist, highly textured landscapes and botanical pieces in oil paint. She uses brushes and palette knives to create paintings that are almost sculptural, inviting viewers to feel connected to the work. The paintings are energetic, honest pieces that viewers can enjoy hanging on their walls at home. To be hung in someone's home is a privilege, something she finds a lot of satisfaction in.

The botanical pieces are created with lavish amounts of oil paint in warm or cool colour palettes. The transience of flowers is one of Katie's deep loves so she finds a lot of satisfaction in capturing that. She enjoys the challenge of capturing their form and beauty in a textural, impressionist style. Katie's graphic design background is also evident through her solid compositions and strong colour contrasts. 

Katie's landscape works are pared back to show the outlines of forms with the sky and horizon levelling the design, to hold the eye. Thick swathes of oil paint define the features of the Australian landscapes, which are painted from memory and recollection.

View them on our site HERE

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