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We are so pleased to share with you a recent project we completed. We worked with our customer to source and style the perfect pieces for their beautiful Clovelly home. This was a new duplex so we started fresh with many of the spaces and worked with furniture our client already owned in a few of the spaces.
We are so pleased with the results as are our lovely customers. 


Details of items / styling. 
Image 1: Carved Cabinet, Lounge, Coffee Table, Ginger Jars, Wooden Trunk Pot, Artwork, Candle, Ceramic Dish by Apache Rose
Image 2: Carved Cabinet, Ginger Jars & Trunk Pot by AR
Image 3: Rattan Bar Stools, Teak Serving Board by AR
Image 4: Rattan Bar Stools, Rug & various items on shelving by AR
Image 5: Art, Stool, Rug by AR
Images 6 & 7: Dining Table & Candle by AR
Image 8: Mirror, Towel, Candle, Soap, Vase by AR
Image 9: Top L & R Artworks, Plant Stand by AR
Image 10: Bedhead, all Cushion & Lamp by AR
Image 11: Bedding, Cushions, Pencil Lamp, Art, Storage Basket by AR

Photography by Luke Della Santa

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