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Interview: ALEXA COE, Artist

The beautiful work of UK artist Alexa Coe is one of the latest print collections to join Apache Rose 'On The Wall'. In truth, we started stocking it some weeks back, but it came and went so quickly we didn't have a moment to post about it! We interviewed Alexa to get more of an insight into her work and the inspiration behind it. Tell us a little bit about yourself background as an artist.I have a Bachelors in Textiles Design and completed a Masters earlier on this year in Fashion Communication. I've always drawn since I could, and both my parents...

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Interview : DAMIAN BENNETT, Photographer

Tommy. Damian Bennett (avail. at Apache Rose) The Cape. Damian Bennett (avail. at Apache Rose)Swim. Damian BennettStem. Damian Bennett Today's interview is another special one! We are extremely lucky to have an incredibly talented friend in esteemed Sydney photographer Damian Bennett and are so thrilled to debut his collection of limited edition prints in store at Apache Rose.Damian began his photographic career 17 years ago in Sydney landing his dream job in a professional darkroom. His hard work paid-off and after learning the craft of black & white printing and processing, he quickly moved on to assist some of Sydney’s best photographers. A three...

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Interview : Luke & Emily of PIECE COLLECTORS

This feature is extra special to me as it is on a dear friend of mine Luke and his lovely partner Emily. Eighteen months ago Luke and Em packed up everything and left Sydney to embark on an adventure across the globe. Their laid-back personalities saw them set out with wanderlust in their hearts but their entrepreneurial minds and generous spirits have led them to begin a new business while embarking on volunteer work with an ongoing inititivate set up to carry on their work after they move on to their next destination. Together they have joined their creative forces to establish Piece Collectors, sourcing beautiful artisan...

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