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You Cannot Get Beyond art print by Clair Bremner.

This is a Fine Art print on 300gsm, 100% Cotton rag paper.
24x30 inch print framed in white wood frame.

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About the artist...

'I have been artistic and creative my whole life, i grew up with a brush in my hand and spent many years experimenting with various techniques and different mediums until i eventually found my way back to acrylic. I work very quickly, because of this the flexibility and fast drying time of acrylic paint is perfect for me.

I am primarily inspired by nature, drawing from what I see around me. I enjoy adding in unexpected, vivid splashes of color and botanical motifs.  I enjoy incorporating some symbolism into my art but most of the time I just create pieces that are visually pleasing and have very little meaning behind them other than the fact I find them relaxing and calming to look at – which in itself is a form of personal therapy.

My compositions are rarely planned in advance and more often they are developed during the painting process depending on what I see and what colors inspire me in the moment. My paintings evolve from a complex layering of colorful glazes and patterns. I then use negative space to draw out imagery.'

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