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The Seek Society ‘Earth’ tumbler is an investment in quality and style for your next adventure or to utilise at home. This practical, good looking and unique piece of quality enamelware has been designed by The Seek Society’s talented artists in Sydney, Australia and hand crafted by skilled professionals in Europe utilising WW2 era machinery. The ‘Earth’ tumbler is campfire, stove top and oven safe. This is not just any tumbler but a piece of art. A tumbler for those that appreciate the earth and good quality. 

Height 90mm x Diameter 80mm
Capacity 350 ml | 11.8 oz

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Product Description
Featuring The Seek Society’s ‘Earth’ graphic, the double dipped enamel ensures maximum strength and durability. The ‘Earth’ art decal is carefully applied by hand, baked and melted into the enamel layer under high temperatures in order to preserve such goodness for years to come. The Seek Society insignia featuring ‘Earth, Nature, Seek, Adventure’ mantra is printed on the bottom of the tumbler.
Enamel is a material produced by fusing powdered glass to a substrate. It is fired along with additive pigments. Covering the steadfast steel elements with enamel protects the base material from rust, gives the ware a pleasing aesthetic, and also guarantees health and safety whilst using the enamelware in the kitchen. The durability of the enamelware comes as a result of it being fired at high temperatures (about 850°C). This not only makes it durable but also makes it suitable for use on every cooker (including induction hobs) and also makes it dishwasher safe.

Why enamelware?
Safe for the health of your family members and anti-allergenic
Resistant to rust and rubbing out
Easy to clean
Resistant to the acids from food and drink
Resistant to UV rays, keeps its colour for years
Functional, it can be used to make dishes, eat them or to reheat in oven (up to 250°C)
Stylish, it mirrors the past in a stylish and modern design
Great for camping, mountain trips, fishing with friends, at home, in the office, for coffee, hot chocolate… ready for everywhere and anything!

Designed in Australia
Handmade in Europe
Campfire, stove top and oven safe
100% Enamel

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