• $14000

Inspired by the greek islands and our Terrazzo obsession, this pot will add a statement to your home.
Available in 3 colour choices and three sizes. 

Small - 34cm (diameter) x 35cm (height)
Medium - 41cm (diameter) x 43cm (height)
Large - 50cm (diameter) x 52cm (height)

Each pot is Hand painted to order using paint that is perfect for interior and exterior use.
It is recommended to leave plants in their plastic container pots and avoid planting directly into our large lightweight pots. It will make watering the plant much easier, allow for ease when moving and keep the beauty of the finish lasting much longer. 

Due to the artisanal handpainting of our pots, no two will ever be the same. Everything is made with love, making it unique and one of a kind.

* NOTE: Check wait time / availability before ordering this product.
Contact us for a shipping quote. 

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