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We are so excited to welcome a new artist to Apache Rose, Katie Wyatt.
Katie enjoys creating paintings that people can connect to. She paints impressionist, highly textured landscapes and botanical pieces in oil paint. She uses brushes and palette knives to create paintings that are almost sculptural, inviting viewers to feel connected to the work.

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Interview: ALEXA COE, Artist

The beautiful work of UK artist Alexa Coe is one of the latest print collections to join Apache Rose 'On The Wall'. In truth, we started stocking it some weeks back, but it came and went so quickly we didn't have a moment to post about it! We interviewed Alexa to get more of an insight into her work and the inspiration behind it. Tell us a little bit about yourself background as an artist.I have a Bachelors in Textiles Design and completed a Masters earlier on this year in Fashion Communication. I've always drawn since I could, and both my parents...

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